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Trip in a Summer Dress

Set in the 1950,s, in a small, country Texas town, Trip in a Summer Dress is about a strong willed mother and her children: daughter, Sara Jean and son, Mathew. Janine Turner, (Northern Exposure, Cliffhanger) makes here directorial debut with this rich, complicated story that explores age-old classic conflicts: mother versus daughter and society versus the soul.

Mama is steadfast about how she feels Sara Jean, age 15, should live her life. Over the course of five years Sara Jean struggles to find the courage to confront her mother about an issue that haunts her soul.

As she leaves on a a bus bound for Arkansas, she embarks on a journey of the heart. Oddly, Sara Jean finds strength through the prodding of a precocious five year old little girl, Scarlette. Emboldened by their mutual bond, they proceed to face their mothers together. As Sara Jean finally dares to speak her truths, who will win: society or the soul?

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